Want to find out the cost of
missed opportunities?

Want to find out the closing percentages of your sales staff?

Want to find out the closing percentages 
for specific stores or locations?


Dan Molloy’s 30 day Sales Team Assessment is step 1 in the Power Sales Training Certification Program.

We use our proprietary software CallMaxPlus™ and SalesMaxPlus™ to accurately measure data and uncover New Sales Opportunities.

We learn what areas of engagement and communication your current sales team excels and struggles in.

This allows Dan to prescribe a personalized Power Sales Training Certification Program for your company.



The Molloy team will come in and take an "X-Ray" of your business. We spend 30 days learning how your sales team handles and communicates during both inbound and outbound sales calls. 


The same communications that directly affect your revenue and company’s overall performance.  Our assessment will uncover opportunities to improve your communications, thus improving revenue and overall performance.  You are likely to learn more than you ever thought possible as a result of engaging in this process.

Here are some specifics

1. We will conduct an assessment that will provide new insights into the business. We will answer many questions as indicated below. However, two  (2) mission critical questions are at the top of the list;

“What sales conversations do you/we need to fix immediately?”

“How effective is our digital marketing… really?”

2 . Using our proprietary SalesMaxPlus™ software, we will perform a detailed assessment of the sales conversations that run your business.

3. Process Breakdowns / Opportunities – as we listen to all the calls, questions usually arise that concern process.

For instance

  • Many times we will identify service delivery issues and report same.

  • Why are certain people answering the phone when they shouldn’t be?

  • What is number of Hang Ups? What is the likely cause? Technology? Process? Staffing?

4. Our Promise – In the future, you will have new and expanded insights on how to take more focused corrective action.

  • You will see new financial opportunities immediately.

  • How to route sales opportunities more effectively.

  • You will see clearly how to train and coach your staff.

  • How you can use SalesMaxPlus™ to identify and quickly capture missed opportunities.


  1. Appointment Closing % for Company by Day

  2. Appointment Closing % for Stores and Sales Staff

  3. Appointment Closing % by Product Category (link to sample reports)

  4. Appointment Closing % by Employee and Product Category

  5. Appointment Closing % by Store and Product Category

  6. Appointment Closing % for Price Shopper Calls

  7. Appointment Closing % when initiated by Customer

  8. Appointment Closing % when initiated by Sales Staff

  9. Appointment Closing % by speech act – Power Declaration

  10. Appointment Closing % by speech act – Choice Close – Time – Commitment

  11. What is the energy level of the sales staff?

  12. Industry Comparison – How do you stack up against some of the best? We’ll compare this later.

  13. What specific recurrent sales conversations do we need to fix immediately?

  14. How many sales opportunities are we really getting?

  15. How many sales opportunities are we getting by Product Category?

  16. How effective is our digital marketing? Is our digital marketing working?

  17. What is the cost of leaving an unskilled sales person on the phone? We will calculate that with you.

  18. We will demonstrate the difference between effective communication and ineffective communication.