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AAA Tire Dealer from Tennessee Invents Game-Changing App


Jeff Tucker, Owner of 3 Tire Stores in Dyersburg, TN produced $644,370 worth of financing for customers in July and August 2020.

Jeff Tucker is sitting pretty right now with his TAPPS-APP™, but it wasn’t always that way...


Tucker who owns and operates three AAA Approved Auto Repair and Tire stores in rural Dyersburg, TN was just about underwater during the recession of 2008 and 2009. The economy in his area was in the tank. Companies were closing up; his customers had little or no income. It frustrated Jeff when someone from his community declined to do urgently needed brake repairs or replace badly worn tires, due to lack of funds.  


So he invented a payment plan / financing app that has a 90% approval rate. In fact, his service advisors produced $644,370 of financing for his 3 stores in July and August of this year. “With the right training anyone can do it”, says Tucker.


Jeff Tucker grew up in the family owned business and went to college to study Mechanical Engineering, so in his darkest moment he came up with a creative idea that has become a real game changer for business people nationwide.


It all started like this... When a customer told Jeff that they couldn’t afford a repair or a set of tires, he started to fill out credit apps for them – one at a time, over and over again, until he found a finance company that would work with his customer. Many times he would fill out 6, 7, or 8 applications for one customer. It was a daunting process.


While Jeff’s commitment as the owner was extraordinary, he couldn’t get the rest of his service advisors to make the same effort, so he did what any good engineer would do: he invented a payment plan tool to help them. Today it’s called the TAPPS-APP™ (Tucker Apps) and literally with about two clicks on a mouse, a trained service advisor can submit one application filled out by the customer, which goes to about 10 different credit sources.  Returns come back within five minutes.


Using the APP, the approval rate is north of 90% with the average customer receiving $2,300 in credit to be used while they are in the store. Jeff’s average repair order is $1,200 and today he runs one third of his total business through the TAPPS-APP™. In July and August of this year, his service advisors produced $644,370 of what he calls ‘Open to Buy’ credit for his customers. That’s over $100,000 per store, per month. This is typical of dealers nationwide.

Case in point... Danny Smith, an auto repair and tire dealer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, produced $554,315 of ‘Open to Buy’ credit, during the month of August alone, in his six store chain, Same Day Automotive.


This is a bonafide game changer. I’ve doubled my business in less than four years with the TAPPS-APP™ and Molloy’s Power Sales Training™.

danny smith_NEW.png

Danny Smith

Owner | Same Day Automotive

It’s been a 13 year journey and along the way, Jeff has become the leading expert with regard to payment plans and financing in the country. He’s also learned that even though customers ask for a price just about every time, price is never the main issue. The number one issue is always getting the vehicle back on the road today – and finding the money to make that happen.


With the help of Dan Molloy’s Power Sales Training™, Jeff Tucker’s service advisors have also become experts at making commitments to help customers fix their cars and trucks TODAY and experts in getting them money TODAY. This has become an explosive combination, not just for Tucker’s operation... but for a growing number of dealers, from small mom and pop shops to larger multistore chains.


With the TAPPS-APP™ and Molloy’s Power Sales Training™, service advisors can now feel confident in providing a financing & payment plan solution for price shopping customers. The TAPPS-APP™ can collect customer data within minutes, and then submit it to multiple lenders with one simple click. Results start to pour in from lenders within 5 minutes, alerting the service advisor in real-time. The system is designed to improve sales and ARO by effectively handling any money issues a customer may have about 90% of the time.  A total WIN for the Service Advisor, the Customer and the Dealer!

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I'd been working the Molloy Power Sales Training program very successfully, when Dan Molloy recommended that he wanted me to incorporate the TAPPS-APP into our business model. I followed Dan's advice and it's propelled us to another level of growth and prosperity. In the past 18 months using the TAPPS-APP along with Power Sale Training we have grown more than 50%. It's been a real bonus for our customers, our staff and our business. Love it!


Bill Schrider

Owner | In & Out Tire Pros


We had lenders setup, but never used them because it was way to time consuming. Tapps-App completely solved that! We can submit an application to up to 15 lenders with one click. Tapps has changed our business - we use it everyday! It is so easy! 


Evan Smith

Manager | South Hanover Tire


We are very careful when we are looking to add something new to our business model. So we did a one store pilot with the TAPPS-APP and it was literally a Home Run and the results were almost immediate. So we added the rest of our stores as quickly as possible. We now have all five in the program. The combo of TAPPS-APP and the Molloy Power Sales Training has made a huge economic difference for McLeas Tire & Automotive Centers.


Darren Mclea

Owner | McLea's Tire

AAA Dealer

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