Every result in your business is tied to the communication skills of your team.

CallMaxPlus™ is a powerful, cloud based call management platform designed to optimize your marketing ROI, streamline workflows, and be the ultimate SPAM-killer.


  • Call Tracking

  • Call Flow

  • Call Management

  • Voice Mail – After Hours

  • Business Hours Voice Mail

  • After Hours Call Routing

  • Missed Call Notification

  • Dynamic Number Insertion

  • Advertising Measurement

  • Digital Marketing Measurement

  • Call Reporting

  • Text Messaging

  • Anti Spam Feature

  • Live Listen Feature

The reality is that we are ALL being afflicted at some level by ‘phone pollution.’ Simply receiving more phone calls can no longer be construed as positive for most businesses.

With CallMax Plus, ROBO CALLS and SPAM CALLS are blocked in real time. They never reach your phone system, because they are STOPPED before your phone rings. Bada Bing… Bada Boom!


Imagine how much more efficient your team will be on the phone if they only handle valid calls!

This is a powerful all tracking software designed to optimize your marketing ROI and streamline workflows.

Call Tracking

  • Improve you marketing ROI by tracking you advertising effectiveness

  • Unique Tracking numbers are assigned to each advertising campaigns across all types of media (web, print, broadcast, billboard)… and capture sales leads in the process.

  • local and toll-free numbers

  • Program auto-attendants to route phone traffic to call centers, stores, or branches as needed in real time

Call Recording

  • Inbound Calls: all inbound sales opportunities are available for immediate review

  • Outbound Calls: record outbound sales calls made by your staff & CSRs

  • Record all sales calls for feedback and training

  • Identify sales opportunities to improve both your customer retention and customer conversion rates


  • Simple and easy access to robust analytics and reports

  • Calculate closing percentages, customer retention rates, and customer conversion rates

  • Caller History: See a complete history of calls including duration & location

  • Track sales leads every day and Generate reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

  • Integrate data into your CRM and Google Anaylitic Systems

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