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Professional Career Highlights

  • Partner & Executive Vice President at McLea's Tire and Automotive​

  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Independent Tire Dealer Group

  • Founder and Inaugural Chairperson for ITDG Next-Gen

  • A top performer and contributor to DSP 20 Group

  • Director of Automotive Repair for AAA NCNU


Welcome to the Molloy Team!

Darren McLea

Molloy Business Development Consultant

Why would someone start out as a cleanup kid, changin’ tires, fixin’ flats… Go to college, graduate… then go right back where he started – to the tire and auto business?  Because he is committed to helping people – and he likes it! 


So, after graduating from San Diego State University Darren McLea returned home to Santa Rosa and the automotive industry. No longer was this an “after school job” – it was a career commitment!

Then, after helping his family build a world-class commitment based company, he became a Molloy client and grew the business even more – in fact, dramatically. A decade later, he sold the company to AAA and signed on with the Molloy team as a Business Development Consultant working with clients on all areas of their business.


His commitment, his mission, his purpose is to help people. Help them do what?  Exceed their wildest dreams – and have a ton o’ fun along the way. 


Darren is a leader; born, bred and trained to help his people, help other people.  To him, problems are not problems – they are fun challenges.  Helping teams be focused, effective communicators with an “I can help you with that” confidence, commitment and language is his greatest delight.  

As a sales/service/business leader in corporate America, Darren was a mover and a shaker. Now, he is a difference maker. Inspiring his people to find success and joy in helping people, he is doing what he loves to do; helping teams help clients and customers get where they need to go, safely and economically.  


No longer order takers, he and his team are commitment makers. That’s where it’s at for Darren McLea!  

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