You can be instantly alerted of a missed sales opportunity...

SalesMaxPlus™ is a new and innovative program that provides you with mission critical data and much, much more.


  • Improved Closing Percentages

  • Improved Sales

  • Improved Training

  • Knowledge of where your team ranks nationally

Reporting Package – Daily, Monthly and Custom reporting

Here’s what you get with SALESMAX PLUS™:

  • Accurate list of all sales leads coming into your company

    • Who called – their phone number and name (most of the time)

    • What product or service they called about (all the time)

  • Which sales person took the call? (all the time)

  • Which store or region receives the most sales leads?

  • What is the breakdown of sales leads by product or service?

  • What are the closing percentages?

    • By region

    • By store / branch

    • By sales person

    • By product / service

SalesMax Plus™ includes:

  • Daily Closing Percentages

  • Daily Missed Opportunity Reporting

  • Real Time Sales Alerts

  • Call Analytics by Product Category

  • and much more!

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