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How to close sales?

Your constantly ringing phones is a clear sign that business is good, right? Well, not necessarily.

Owners and managers of all kinds of businesses often consider busy telephones a signal that sales are ringing up at the registers. But not every phone call represents a sales opportunity. Only about a third offer a chance to connect with a potential buyer.

The remainder are part of the everyday chaos of running the business – callers checking to see if their vehicles are ready for pickup, personal calls from kids and family members, calls from the main office, vendor calls, robocalls, hangups and more. These compete for the attention that members of the sales team should be devoting to potential buyers.

The telephone is a tire center’s life blood, but the mix of calls can create challenges for identifying and handling solid sales opportunities. Every manager wants the phones to be busy.

However, focusing only on the fact that the phone is ringing without understanding who’s calling can cause owners and managers to lose sight of the fact that there is a finite number of sales opportunities.

Most stores don’t even have a vague idea of the number of actual sales opportunities that result from the calls that come in. Their point of sales systems accurately track what has been sold, but not the sales opportunities that have been missed.

SalesMaxPlus™ from Molloy Business Development changes that by identifying sales opportunities in real-time, telling owners and managers where those opportunities are and making sure they don’t fall through the cracks.

It pinpoints openings for follow-up and helps stores improve closing percentages.

Our system measures the number of calls that represent sales opportunities and calculates precise closing percentages against that. With this detailed, powerful information, owners and managers will know how effective their salespeople are and gain a much more accurate measure of success.

SalesMaxPlus™ identifies potential buyers and lets you know which opportunities are worth pursuing. It allows owners and managers to tweak advertising and specials.

Members of the sales team can better understand customer needs, build a rapport, establish trust, offer solutions to problems and exchange commitments that get customers into the store.

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Dan Molloy

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