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Never miss another sales opportunity!


Sales Call Analysis

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SalesMaxPlus™ is a robust sales call analysis platform that provides you and your team with mission critical data and much more.


Our system allows us to analyze your teams performance on inbound and outbound calls. By tracking keywords tied to our power sales training program, we are able to establish "closing percentages" for each of your employees. This allows us to establish a baseline and gain a better understanding of where we need to focus training.

With SalesMaxPlus™ you will receive:

  • Daily Closing Percentages

  • Daily Missed Opportunity Reporting

  • Real Time Sales Alerts

  • Call Analytics by Product Category

Our system will instantly alert you when a sales opportunity is missed!

Customized Reporting

Daily, Monthly and Custom Reporting

Here’s what you get with SALESMAX PLUS™:

  • Accurate list of all sales leads coming into your company

    • Who called – their phone number and name (most of the time)

    • What product or service they called about (all the time)

  • Which sales person took the call? (all the time)

  • Which store or region receives the most sales leads?

  • What is the breakdown of sales leads by product or service?

  • What are the closing percentages?

    • By region

    • By store / branch

    • By sales person

    • By product / service


To learn more about the many benefits to CallMax Plus, schedule a call to learn more.

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