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the cost of robo calls

It's REAL!!!

That the telephone is the lifeblood of your auto repair and tire business is no secret. The average shop receives between 2000 and 3000 calls per month and with the calls come most of the sales opportunities that must be converted to appointments. It’s challenging enough having to work the phones in a chaotic store and now the ROBO CALL EPIDEMIC is adding significantly to the chaos and to the cost of doing business every day.


Let’s assume you have 10 stores and you can quickly do the math in your head. 2000 ROBO CALLS every month and 24,000 annually. It’s a huge and costly problem.


They show up as ‘dead air’ or in the form of a ‘recording’ for some special vacation deal or credit card offer. And they never seem to stop and the cost is very real to your business and takes a toll on all your employees who are tired of having to deal with the problem.


What to do about it?


Call Molloy Sales Development, we have a cost effective solution for you.


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