Here is what our clients say about us...


“Working with Dan Molloy and Danny Smith has been a moving and enlightening experience. I’m transforming my business into a commitment based operation. The results have been outstanding and nearly immediate”.


RANDY CHERNISS  |  Owner/Operator
Cherniss Tire World

"Dan's process is only just started but we've had our best month's ever recently. And our tire unit sales were up 30% in the month of August over last year. We are thrilled about the future".

In & Out Tire Pros


“Dan has provided us with new distinctions and has motivated us to achieve way more than we thought we could. We have grown nearly 40% in only 18 months and have transformed our company into a commitment based operation. We are beyond excited about the future. We are all in with Uncle Dan.”

DANNY SMITH  |  Owner/Operator
Same Day Automotive


“Dan Molloy has been a wake up call for us. He’s motivated us to learn about communication and we have discovered a new world. We have improved our business in a big way as a result of our relationship with Dan.”

Keith Tucker  |  Owner/Operator
Triple T Tire


“Dan has a message and a passion that is unique to this industry. It’s made him both a valuable partner and friend to our program. Don’t miss the opportunity to hire Dan when the opportunity presents itself – you won’t regret it.”

Bob Bittner  |  VP Franchise Development
Tire Pros

"Dan has been a true business partner with us. We are 'ALL IN' on the Molloy Process. It's made a huge difference for our business and our people. Sales and profits are way up and our staff has much more confidence overall. We practice with Dan and Randy every week. It REALLY HELPS!" 

Triple T Tires & Inventor of Tapps-Pay