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What drives increased revenue?

Commitment-based communication!


Could it really be that simple?


What others are saying about the Language of Commitment

“If you are an owner/operator or a CEO, you will love Dan’s book! As we focused on commitment-based communication with our clients and each other, effectiveness, productivity and bottom line immediately advanced. Our company is now a fun productive place to work – and in a short period of time we grew from $5 million to $17 million.”

Danny Smith


Same Day Automotive

Tulsa OK (7 stores)

“Three years ago, I promised my team we would  double our business in five years. We accomplished it in three! ($4.5 million – over $9 million) As a commitment-based operation with an ‘I can help you with that’ attitude, life is great – and less stressful. Thank you Dan, it’s great working with your team.”

Max Gardener


Tire Max

Greensboro NC (6 stores)

“Dan! You d’man! The distinctions, tools, reports your team provides, helps us grow dramatically. We got T-Shirts for our staff with “I can Help You With That” printed on them. It reminds us and our customers that we are in business to help them solve problems! Our Growth is dramatic! Our bottom line is vibrating ($19 million - $24 million)!”

Chris Burr


Wiygul Automotive Clinic

Alexandria VA (8 stores)

“I’ve never made more money at any point in my life. Our company has grown from $1.7 million to $5.7 million in three years. My wife and I enjoy our life more now than ever. I look forward to our continued partnership and friendship”.

Bill Schrider


Trick Trucks and In & Out Tire Pros

Millsboro DE (8 stores)

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