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From $5 Million to $19 Million in 6 Years

Same Day Automotive transformed into a commitment-based company and more than tripled the business in 6 years, all while reducing stress for everyone and without spending more on advertising.



  • Same Day Auto Repair

  • 7 store operation​

  • Oklahoma


  • Tire & Automotive


  • Increase sales and expand business growth


  • Power Sales Training

  • Call Max Plus

  • Sales Max Plus

  • Marketing


Danny Smith started Same Day Tire & Automotive in 1997 and grew it into a successful 5 store operation over the course of 20 years. He was a command and control manager, “It’s my way or the highway!” was his motto, so he burned through employees pretty quickly if they couldn’t handle the pressure. He ruled his business with a tough guy approach that would yield a moderate 3% - 5% growth annually.


However he was stressed out most of the time because he felt that ONLY HE could get things done. He was constantly studying his P&L and KPI reports wondering how to increase annual sales. So Danny did what alot of owner’s do - throw more money down on advertising. He began to see more traffic in the store and even heard the phones ring more. But that didn’t increase sales, how come? In fact, it was just the opposite - his employees struggled to handle the volume of customers and stress compiled. 


What was going wrong? The answer was right in front of him. His employees were not effective communicators and weren’t given ALL the tools they need to be successful at their job.


In order for Danny to grow his business he needed to shift his thought process and focus from price and technical data to one of “articulating commitments”. He didn’t realize that his business actually ran on language and that all the “#’s” he was studying were tied to a specific moment in time when people were communicating. He had no standards for effective communication or a model to teach his employees how to communicate effectively. And if he did, how would he analyze and measure each employee’s closing %? All other areas of his business had specific guidelines and standards and ways to measure effectiveness, but not this important one. 

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In 2017 Danny Smith enrolled his company into Power Sales Training and he began to notice an immediate positive shift in the culture.

It was having an impact not only on his employees communication skills, but also how they show up in all areas of their life. He also had insight into the communication of his employees with the use of Call Tracking and Sales Call Analysis. Danny grew his business from $5 million to $19 million dollars in the 6 years working with Molloy Business Development. Same Day is currently opening its 7th store, and there is a waiting list to work there. The entire organization has shifted to a commitment-based company that focuses on developing the communication skills of it’s employees and empowering them to be succesful. Stress is a thing of the past for Danny and his crew.

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"We're all in with Molloy Sales Development! Went from $4.8 ML to $19 ML in 6 years. Transformed our company into a commitment-based operation and are beyond excited about the future."

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SameDay Automotive

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