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Wiygul Automotive Clinic becomes an “ICHYWT” COMMITMENT based operation

What is your key to success? According to Chris Burr, General Manager of Wiygul Automotive Clinic, and retired professional athlete, the key is practice, practice, practice! Wiygul Automotive Clinic is a thriving eight store chain dedicated to making customers and employees equally happy and to the growth of the organization. They were already on a good path to increasing success; nevertheless there was a void; something was missing.



  • Wiygul Auto Clinic

  • 8 Locations

  • Virginia & Maryland


  • Tire & Automotive


  • Continue growth process

  • Improve culture

  • Establish a process for continual employee development

  • Enhance sales training -management & leadership


  • Power Sales Training

  • CallMax Plus & SalesMax Plus

  • Classroom & On-line sessions

  • Language Metrics


Through forty-five years of dedication and determination, the Wiygul Family

Brand has grown and prospered. At the same time, in order to continue

this dramatic growth, Director - Chris Burr knew something was missing.

Chris is a seasoned veteran in the auto repair and tire business. He is also a

former professional baseball player and D-1 College baseball coach for Tulane.

Drawing on his vast experience at creating teams with a championship

mindset and equally impressive skillsets, he knew that professional athletics,

as well successful businesses relied on certain elements to win – consistently,

(1) a shared championship culture, (2) a shared language with clear

distinctions, and (3) shared practices that guide teams as they work

together to win.

As Chris set about to enhance the effectiveness of his business, Chris observed

some important differences between athletics and business teams.

In professional sports the standards and measurements are clear. There is a

shared language and clearly identified ways to practice. While in business

there are very clear standards for such things as safety, environmental

protection, finance and credit; however there were no clear or consistent

standards or models to draw from for effective communication.

Yet, Chris realized that it was the language and communication that drove

the entire process. To continue to grow, he had to wrap his mind around

the language and communication piece – and get his team and himself

clear about what, why, and how they communicated on the job.


Chris knew that successful athletic teams required clear standards for

communication and performance and specific, scientific ways to

practice both. While Wiygul Automotive had clear and published standards

for their operations, but no clear and published communication

standards, with teammates and especially with customers with regard to

on inbound sales calls, counter sales and service, outbound sales calls.

Chris sought out the Molloy Business Development Group. After several

planning sessions, he contracted to implement the Molloy Language of

Commitment process which included Power Sales Training and the

SalesMaxPlus software platform for performance metrics and analytics.

Molloy promised that they would help establish communication

standards where they were missing and to upgrade and implement

new standard practices to build upon what was already working in sales

and communication.



After two years of working the Molloy process, Wiygul has established

clear standards for effective communication. Expectations are set from

day one with new hires; and seasoned veterans all know exactly what is

expected of them on the phone and in person.

As he did as a professional ball player and later as a D-1 coach, Chris relies on up to the minute data and analytics provided, as provided by Molloy’s SalesMaxPlus platform, to better lead is team of forty service advisors. He knows on a daily, weekly and monthly basis exactly what is going on with regard to closing percentages and class attendance and exactly what is being communicated and how. He can thereby make sales, customer service, management and leadership training and coaching assignments that are focused and specific to individual needs and competencies.


Newly released reports allow Chris and the Wiygul family to see exactly who needs work on specific skills. The partnership with Molloy has been a Game Changer for Wiygul Automotive Clinic.

“Before we found Molloy Business Development we had no way of knowing our stats in regards to effective communication. Power Sales Training has provided a simple model for effective communication and the tools to track, measure and analyze the performance of our employees. We now have a very clear understanding of the conversations taking place in our business, and can identify the mission critical conversations that need improvement. Practice makes perfect and we look forward to growing the business to $30 million this year!”

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"We're all in with Molloy Sales Development! Went from $4.8 ML to $19 ML in 6 years. Transformed our company into a commitment-based operation and are beyond excited about the future."

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