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"I Can Help You With That" Community

You are invited!

Join us on November XX, 2022

2:00 pm EST


We create our life our family our community and our companies by the conversations we have with ourselves and with others. We solve problems and invent a new future by designing these conversations.

The purpose of this Community is to discuss business, family and community issues. Let's understand the breakdowns we are facing and what conversations do we need to have in order to fix or solve the problem. 


Some topics to discuss could include:

  • People issues such as recruiting, training, employee growth and employee retention. 

  • Future issues such as, what is our assessment about the future?

  • What technological changes are coming that could affect us?

  • What will the economy look like over the next year?

  • How will I hand over my business to my children?

  • How can I make my business ready for sale? 

  • Growth issues such as, what's the best approach for business growth? 

  • Implementation issues such as, how to implement a digital inspection process?

  • How to effectively implement an on-going employee training process?

  • How to implement anything. This is a big challenge for many business people who are working both on the business and in the business. 

Participation in this event is by invitation only

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