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What is nature of communication and sales conversations?

The success of your business depends on high-level performance from every member of your sales team. Imagine then that one counter sales rep rarely makes the effort to solve problems for potential customers who call and never tries to get them into the store. Now imagine the message that sends to the rest of your team.

Such opportunities easily get lost among other calls and identifying second-rate performance can be difficult. Most companies know what they sell, because the cash register receipts tell them. What they don’t know is what they miss or turned away, often because of unexceptional performance by members of the sales team. The numbers can be huge.

Most business leaders identify improvement of sales conversations as the number-one thing they can do to increase results. A study published earlier this year by a leading technology and services company ranked sales conversations above improvements in technology, sales process training and presentations.

So what makes a great sales conversation?

It begins with understanding the historical nature of communication and how it affects individuals and communities. Sales professionals must learn to listen carefully for subtle cues about how an individual expects to be treated during a negotiation, and what will prompt him or her to make a decision, either to do business with you or walk away.

Interaction with a customer can be affected by things over which the sales professional has no control, including the customer’s previous interactions with sales people.

Learning as much as possible about a customer can help avoid a misunderstanding that could easily lead to a missed opportunity.

Effective cross-cultural communication allows you to serve a subject matter expert on whom the customer comes to depend. But you can’t gain a customer’s trust until you demonstrate that you’re a problem solver.

And nothing matters if you don’t first connect – rationally and physically – with the customer.


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