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Lost Sales in Real-Time!

Before they call your competition!


Conversation Intelligence that Identifies Missed Opportunities!

Every year there are millions of missed sales opportunities on inbound calls. Our Sales Rescue Program will search through those inbound calls using Artificial Intelligence and identify the missed opportunities in real time. We will then begin to rescue those opportunities by re-engaging the customer, with our expert sales staff, the minute we find the missed opportunity.

  • Increase car count by 2 cars per day per location

  • Increase sales revenue

  • 100% scaleable


Call Analysis

Every inbound call is analyzed using AI. We separate all sales opportunities and missed sales opportunities from the rest of the calls and take action as needed. 


Sales Follow Up

Our expert sales staff calls the missed opportunities minutes after they are discovered. Our expert team re-engages the customer and books the appointment before they call the competition. 


Real-Time Reporting

Using our technology, we provide 'Real Time' data and reporting. We find the missed opportunities! Re-engage with the customer! Make the appointment! Report on everything. 

Are you ready to rescue more sales?

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