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How to become a commitment-based company?

There was a time when we expected salespeople to recite practically every insignificant detail about a store’s products and services to charm customers into buying. But that was before we realized that following a script requires little investment from salesperson and customers can easily find product details by speaking a few words into their smart phones.

More and more customers already know what you sell and probably how much you sell it for when they walk in the door.  If your salespeople only offer data, those customers will likely walk back out the door and down the street to your competitor.

Your ability to develop and sustain a competitive advantage is directly tied to your capacity to mobilize your people into knowledgeable problem solvers. You do this by building a commitment-based organization.  In a commitment-based company, the whole team knows that each member represents the entire organization. Each feels a sense of ownership in the success of the business and knows that individual performance has a direct impact on overall results.

Building a commitment-based organization means going beyond the status quo to a shared interest in the future of the business. It requires a network of commitments – between owners, salespeople, the service department, operations and customers. Those within the organization must agree to achieve specific, measurable outcomes that can lead to improved coordination, collaboration and accountability.

A committed sales team is a successful sales team. Commitment occurs in the language among those within the organization and with customers. Each makes a promise to the other (ideally the customer’s commitment is a purchase). Commerce does not occur until the buyer and seller exchange commitments.

In a commitment-based organization, expectations are high with regard to communication. There are standards for what it means to communicate effectively intended to foster continuous improvement and growth that can be measured. The company invests in people through sales training like that offered by Molloy Sales Training and through internal coaching on what to say and listen for using the type of detailed information provided by SalesMaxPlus™.

Commitments drive better execution, meaning a committed sales team will communicate better with, offer more commitments to and receive more commitments from customers.

The commitment must be genuine.

Salespeople who feel a strong personal attachment to the organizations where they work and who identify with the organization's goals and values are more successful.

Making and keeping commitments is as simple as saying you’re going to do something and then doing what you said.  It may be simple, but it’s not easy.  With help from Molloy Sales Training and Business Development, yours can be a commitment-based business.


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